Feet, such small things. They provide all the support for your body, they work hard to get you where you need to go, they are always down for a great game of footsie.

Take time to let your feet know how grateful you are for having them in your life.

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Spend extra time rubbing, massaging and pampering your feet. Acknowledging that without your feet you may not be able to easily get were you need to be. Next time you get a massage ask your massage therapist to spend a little extra time on your feet. If you suffer from foot pain or plantar fasciitis you might want to schedule a 30 min. or hour massage for your feet and lower legs. Pamaper your feet show them that you care.

Here are some reasons you should Pamper Your Feet:

1. Your feet need it.
2. It feels good and you like to be pampered.
3. Foots massages are a catalyst to deep relaxation and better sleep.
4. Your feet won’t massage their selves.
5. You deserve it.
6. Based on Asian Medicine and reflexology the foot/feet represent a map of the body and great healing can occur when caring for and massaging them.
7. Your feet will thank you later.
8. You are celebrating a special occasion.
9. Your feet are a smidge neglected and you can tell
10. No reason, Just Do It!

Ayoola Toyer

10 Reasons To Pamper Your Feet
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