Here is my #1 tip for lower back pain relief, invest in a desk foot stool!

My massage clients always complain about lower back problems. I am constantly asking my clients about posture. We all know how important posture is, but keeping track of posture is especially difficult for anyone who has to sit at a desk for several hours a day. People that habitually cross their legs when sitting at their work desk, cause uneven pressure on the lower back and cause it to become even more of a problem area. Investing in a foot stool will offer postural relief along with another option for foot placement.

I remember a client who’s work habit changed from walking a lot to sitting at a desk all day. I actually predicted that he had been sitting a lot more because his lower back was noticeably stiffer and his hips misaligned, whereas, in sessions prior, his back appeared relatively even and aligned. After talking about his desk posture we concluded that he crossed his legs while he sat at his desk, and that new posture was causing back problems. He would have benefited from a desk foot stool that provides a place for him to put his feet.

Photo credit: Wasfi Akab via / CC BY-NC-ND

Why Foot Stools Help Lower Back Pain Relief

– It elevates the legs giving relief to knees and hips.
– It causes more balance between core and back helping the hip to roll back to a more centered position.
– It keeps the body from getting posture-bored and provides a new foot placement option.

How to Use Your Foot Stool

– Place the foot stool under your desk.
– Adjust the foot stool to a height and proximity that is comfortable for you.
– Remember to try different height adjustments on your foot stool to find out which best suits you.
– Keep moving your feet throughout the day.

To conclude, I hope this tip helps your body to be more comfortable during your work day and bring you lower back pain relief. More specifically, remember, your desk and the desk chair was most likely mass produced. You have to put the investment in making sure your desk and the desk chair are set up perfectly for your body.

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Lower Back Pain Relief: Tip #1