I hope that every Massage Professional strives to have clients leave the session happy… and by that I mean a smile on their face from the great professional massage that they have just received. “Happy Ending” is not a term that professional American Massage Therapist identify with or acknowledge however there are still those that seek sexual services and happy endings, as well as many businesses local as well as worldwide that are still offering questionable services under the guise of professional massages. Massage Therapy is a broad field that has an ancient history spanning several modalities and in the past some of those modalities included sexual releases. Today those practices are NOT respected amongst the professional massage world as this is no longer a field associated with prostitution and sexual acts. In fact, most places in the US massage therapists are required to have at least a year or more of schooling including National or State testing and licensure! Touching and massaging nipples, anus, and genital/pubic areas are defined as inappropriate places to be touched during sessions and are against the law and practice of Massage Therapist in most of the US.

Clients who seek such services must understand that they will be turned away and the session will be canceled. There is no exception or tolerance for inappropriate behavior.

I for sure want all my clients to leave their sessions happy and satisfied, but happy endings will not be the reason why. The mention of ‘happy endings’ will leave that person quite unhappy because he/she would not have enjoyed the benefits of a great professional massage.

Massage Therapy is gaining medical prestige and is widely respected among medical professionals and most people who have had an issue resolved by massage can attest to its healing capabilities! I look forward to working with you and helping you to experience all that massage therapy has to offer in a safe and respectful environment we both can enjoy!

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