Poop, yes, poop, lets talk about it. Its something that should occur several times a day for most of us, but in most instances this doesn’t happen. What bothers me is that most people are uncomfortable with even talking about it. Every living animal poops or secretes some type of waste. I think it’s something we should all be comfortable with talking about (except for during meal time). So, if you aren’t eating right now lets talk about it!

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Poop Facts
You should get the urge to have a bowel movement shortly after every meal. The weight of the food sends a signal to your digestive tract to make space for the incoming matter.

Your poop should come out in one long continuous “S” shape. It should not be in pieces or in small round drops. The later means you are constipated.

Passing gas is normally a sign that your digestive system is nearly finished processing waste and is ready to eliminate.

Pay attention to the foods, supplements and medications you take. A lot of what we put in our bodies determine how and what comes out. Some of these things like caffeine and preservatives, contribute to dehydration and hard stools.

Habitually ignoring your body’s natural signs to poop can cause you to not notice when you need to go. Go poop at your body’ first signal. When you get the urge, go. This way you are not training your body to hold in the waste.

Tips for getting the Shit out
*This writing is purely my opinion and in no way a substitute for medical advice. Please seek professional medical advice.*

Drink more water/fluids. Dehydration is one of the most common reasons for constipation. Avoid fluids that are high in sugar and caffeine they only make the problem worse.

Eat more fruits and green veggies. They contain fiber and naturally promote regular bowel movements.

Move more. A short walk or 30 or so jumping jacks can encourage a bowel movement. This is especially helpful for people who sit a lot.

Get a massage. A full body massage and abdominal massage can help move things along more smoothly. Massage speeds up your metabolism. Speeding up the process can create that need-to-go feeling. It is very common for the need to eliminate waste to occur right after a massage. Abdominal massage can directly manipulate the waste in your large intestines and push it towards the exit.

Do something relaxing. Life stress and or trying to force a bowel movement can make things worse. Do something that helps you relax. For me its shopping. You can read or meditate. I ask my five year old to take deep breaths when things get a little intense in the bathroom.

Sit on a hard surface with your legs up. Just sitting on the floor with your knees to your chest or sitting on a hard chair with your feet on a stool may help the proper signals to be sent for your body to eliminate waste. The hard surface helps your body better gage the weight and amount of waste in your digestive tract.

Evaluate the medications or supplements you are taking. Be careful about what you put into your body. Medications could be a reason for constipation. Talk to your doctor about lowering dosage or consider taking a probiotic to help your digestive track break things down better.

Consult a trained medical professional. If you are suffering from severe or long term constipation you need to seek help. Keeping waste in your body can cause very bad things inside your body. You wouldn’t keep rotting trash in your bed, so don’t keep waste in your body. Get the shit out!

I say, better out than in. Wishing you the most pleasant digestive health!

Check out these sites for some more ways to ease the discomfort.

*This writing is purely my opinion and in no way a substitute for medical advice. Please seek professional medical advice.*

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