Law of Attraction aka LOA can seem to be this foreign type of religion. But its a simple way of changing your outlook on life to live a happier more fulfilling life. Here is my perspective on the Law of Attraction in layman’s terms.

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Magnetic Field Lines on the Sun representing Law of Attraction

Law Of Attraction Basic Principals

-Your emotions and perspective(s) guide all what you get in life. Touching all facets including health, money, relationships, careers and happiness.
-Bad moods and negative thoughts bring bad/negative experiences.
-Good moods and positive thoughts bring good/positive experiences.
-Your focus, thoughts and speaking about the lack of (___fill in the blank_____)…..brings more lack of it.
-To get things you want, Law of Attraction focuses on gratitude, and the good emotions you will feel when your wishes come true. These thoughts should also help to keep you happy and contented with everyday life.
-Genuine expectations that good things will happen, will attract them to you.
-Think about what you want and let this be your focus. Exclaim and affirm things like “I want to be happy! I am becoming happier everyday!” and ” I want more money! My income is increasing everyday!”
-As you get the hang of controlling your thoughts and identifying what you want, be more specific with the details. You can go from asking for a great relationship partner to asking for a great long term partner, to making a list of the 50 things you want from a long term partner. Then visualizing and expecting this long term partner to be in your life. All while being happy until this partner appears.
-Use vision boards, mirror work, create affirmation songs & mantras, write poems and use journaling to help keep yourself focused on happiness and your goals.
-Not allowing the outside environment to sway your positive perspective is key in Law of Attraction.

Another way to look at Law Of Attraction

There is the Physical and Non-Physical
Think of two trees

Tree #1 The Physical Tree(Things you can touch, Our Bodies, Hair, Bones, The Land)
The physical tree needs sun water and soils to grow.
This tree gives you fruit and nutrients for your body. Just as your body needs food and water. Feed your body the wrong things and you may feel sick, gain or lose weight get cavities etc.

Tree #2 The Non-Physical Law of Attraction Tree (Things you cannot touch, Intuition, Thoughts, Miracles, Emotions, Love)
The non-physical tree needs happiness, good feelings and positive thoughts to grow in a positive way. This tree is always receiving “food”= thoughts and is always putting out energy. If you “feed” it complaints and ungrateful thoughts and energy you get more of all the things you complain about. The fruit of this tree gives you all your experiences in life. The key is to change your non-physical food/thoughts. Start training yourself and your mind to think and feel good about all that you want in life.

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Tree representing the Law of Attratction

My go-to ” messengers” of this way of the Law of Attraction are Abraham Hicks and Louise Hay and many many others who deliver this great way of thinking from different angles. There is a lot of info on to listen to and watch. I suggest buying audio books, paper books and listening to CDs

Bounce Back From Negative or Sad Moments

Here are some of the basics for someone who is new to Law of Attraction and you find yourself having trouble getting yourself on a positive and happy.
-Decide to Stop Stressing. Realize that you determine your mood. This is one of the more difficult things to master, but once you do its the best tool for repelling the negative and attracting positive.
-Distract yourself from the things that cause bad feelings. Take a nap, watch something funny on TV, meditate or go for a walk. Immersing your self in a favorite activity that is also healthy for you is a great way to stop a negative spiral.
-After you have calmed down and your emotions are not as intense, think about what you want. Example: Your bills came in the mail and you feel you may not have enough money to both pay them and take that weekend trip. Ask your self “What do I want?” You want to both pay your bills and enjoy your weekend away. Think about how great it feels that you can pay your bills and pay them with a smile on your face. Then think about how much fun you are going to have on your weekend away! Say to yourself “I love that I can pay my bills and I see myself enjoying my weekend away” Next take a deep breath and truly believe that you can do both. Think of all the great possibilities that can occur to make bill paying and the weekend trip happen!
-Challenge yourself to think about a solution that would make you smile about the thing you are stressing about. You want new car and are stressed out about it. Appreciate that your old car is a little beat up looking and that you would not be stressed if you got an nik in the paint. Then smile when you get into the car and find one good thing about it, and focus on that. You may even pat your car and say thank you. You are telling the powers-that-be that you appreciate what you have and your reward will be more things…even a new car!

I first found Law Of Attraction (LOA) thru my journey to seek spiritual reconnection. I had just decided to start my own massage business and had a lot of other life variables to consider. I was going through a divorce, my child’s father was absent in all ways, being a single mom is not an easy task while ignoring the mountain of debt looming over my shoulder. I needed to get myself in a good spiritual place so that I could start my business and still face my personal life in a positive way.

I am still learning to incorporate the Law of Attraction into all aspects of my thoughts. I genuinely feel like bits of myself has been headed towards this path and now that I have found this way of thought and lifestyle there’s no turning back. The basic principals totally make sense for me. LOA guides us towards ways to focus on happiness and encourages people to take responsibility for their own happiness and lives in general. LOA is based on emotions guiding the things that we want from the world towards our reality.

I hope my beginners level knowledge on the Law of Attraction helps you on improving your life and helps you to be more happy!

Ayoola Toyer, LMT
Muscle Management Services

Law of Attraction 101
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