It’s Great to be Poor!

-What the Law of Attraction says about being poor.

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No one enjoys being poor but there is a lot of good that can come from being poor and feeling like you want more. The law of attraction typically says not to focus on the things that you DON’T want. But, there are also ways to look at the things you deem “negative and bad” as inspiration for the things that you Do want. The unwanted provides contrast for the wanted things as popular Law of Attraction teacher Abraham Hicks states in the audio book “Money, and the Law of Attraction”. By living in a littered neighborhood you realize that you would appreciate a home that is in a cleaner neighborhood. Living in a noisy urban environment can help you to want and appreciate the suburban or rural life. With these experiences you now know more specifically what you want and what to ask for from your faith entity and the universe.

Law of attraction uses a seemingly simple approach to guide you towards getting the success and money you desire. Take a careful look at your environment, habits and beliefs, find the contrast and look towards receiving better. Appreciate all the little and big things you have to be grateful for. Explore your negative, deep rooted beliefs and work on releasing your negative thought patterns. Genuinely believe that the Powers-That-Be have a better plan for you. I say the guidelines are seemingly simple because at first glance they are very easy to understand, but the difficult part comes in the everyday moment-to-moment application of these powerful guidelines.

Small Habits That Build Your Wealth

You Say: “I don’t have not enough.”
Law of Attraction Says: Appreciate every penny you have and be grateful for it. Stop complaining about the things you don’t have and appreciate all that you have, and do it often.
Attract-Wealth Activity: Before you check your bank account decide to be in a good perky mood, put a smile on your face or even get excited. View your balance. Be grateful for any amount even if its negative or zero. Never check your money if you are in a bad mood or stressed out about money.
Tell yourself:
“I am grateful for this bank account it provides a safe place for my money to grow.”
“I appreciate all the money that is here and all that is coming to me”
Remember If you have food, clothes and shelter today you have enough be grateful for, but its ok to want more. You will get more by appreciating the money that you have now and expecting that more will come. The way you feel when you think about and use money says a lot about if you will be blessed with more. Enjoy and love your money and more will come.

You Say: “The world is set up so that the poor remain poor.”
Law of Attraction Says: There is enough in the world for everyone to be prosperous. When you truly start believing that you will attract abundance, prosperity will come. You have to work on changing your beliefs about success and money.
Attract Wealth Activity:Think about your belief in being wealthy. Forget asking or answering “HOW?”. Sit with yourself for a moment and ask yourself “Will I be ok with having lots of money?” More money may mean leaving behind family, friends, and even changing as a person. Think and ask yourself “Will I be able to move on from people who haven’t changed their beliefs about wealth and success?” Work on consciously smiling, saying to yourself, when you see someone who is wealthy “One day I’ll be like them!”
Remember It’s never too late to change the way you think. Your judgmental attitude about other people’s wealth and success, may be sending signals that you don’t want, or appreciate wealth. Do you see yourself being successful and enjoying money, or do you struggle with negative self-talk? Negative self-talk is one of the hardest mental habits to overcome. Its ok if you have days where your negative self-talk runs rampant. Take a deep breath and try to do something that distracts you from your thoughts. Your negative thoughts will eventually take a back seat. Breath through your not so good days. Take a day off from thinking about and dealing with money issues. Keep thinking positivity think about money and opportunities for wealth will appear.

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You Say: “If only I had more money I would be happy.”
Law of Attraction Says: Happiness is a decision, start deciding to be happy. Be happy with your life now and then ask for what you want. When you ask for things with a sad or unhappy heart the universe will not fulfill your wish. The universe only reflects positive results from positive vibes.
Attract Wealth Activity: Start and end each day saying thank you and counting your blessings. You can make a mental list, journal, speak it out loud, or speak to yourself in the mirror. Make a habit of reminding yourself of all your blessings, this will make the habit of negativity disappear.
Remember:The Powers-That-Be, God, the universe, and/or the entity you put faith in wants you to be grateful for all the blessings you have. Complaining about your blessings, big or small will send the message that you don’t want more blessings. Make happiness a priority. Be happy with your situation everyday, and things to be happy about will start to appear.

You Say: “I can’t afford that.”
Law of Attraction Says: While it isn’t smart to spend money on something you can’t afford. Saying you can’t afford something puts the signal out that you believe that your money isn’t worthy of getting that item. You may also be sending signals, that your money can not purchase that item.
Attract Wealth Activity:If it’s a big ticket item say instead “I am excited for the day when I can afford to get that.” or “I can afford to buy that item but I am prioritizing my money.” Also imagine and believe that in the future you will be getting that expensive car or vacation. For the smaller things like your morning coffee or other small “guilty pleasures”, get rid of the guilt. Make the purchase with a smile on your face and tell yourself and truly believe “The money spent will be replenished.” Go window shopping and smile at all the beautiful items that will one day be yours. Believe that one day you will be able to pay rent and get all these items.
Remember: Your beliefs about money and spending, send vibes about what you deserve. When you find yourself upset about not having something quickly remind yourself that one day you will have that. Smile at the thought of yourself in the future, driving that nice car, in nice clothes, with super fly sunglasses too!

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You May Believe: Wealthy people are bad and greedy and don’t deserve the money that they have.
Law of Attraction Says: Thinking this way will keep opportunities for wealth and prosperity away from you. If you think negatively about wealthy people, why would the Powers-That-Be grant you the blessing of wealth. Look for examples of people who came from a similar background as yourself and became wealthy. Tell yourself you would like to become just like them. Acknowledge that your wealthy role models earned their success, and imagine yourself doing the same.
Attract Wealth Activity: Imagine yourself with the amount of money you would be comfortable with. If you like,you can imagine how you made the money, but if you aren’t sure how you would get the millions that you desire, don’t allow this to keep you from still imagining. Now imagine your personality as a wealthy person…would you be down-to-earth and still get public transportation, get uber all the time or would you wear expensive clothes and have a private driver on retainer. Think of all the little ways in which your life would change. Write these things down. I have visual journal in my phone with all the things that my daughter and I would enjoy with more wealth….health insurance, a bigger dream house, a motorcycle, private school, activities for my daughter, a retirement plan, and much more. Create a vision board that has a lot of detail and look at it often.
Remember: Our beliefs about others reflect on the things we get in life. I had to come to the realization that I was subjective with my judgement. I was saying my affirmations when I saw people driving nice cars, I was appreciating them and visualizing myself in my expensive car. But when I saw someone dressed in a lot of name brands and very flashy, I would judge them negatively. I had/have to work on first not judging and also acknowledging that I can’t negatively view how people spend their money. I have to mentally appreciate how every person spends their wealth, I order to gain my own.

The feelings that are created from being at your lowest creates a good starting point for knowing what you want from your life. You want better. You want more. You want the exact opposite of not-enough, sadness and possibly shame. You want to feel abundant, happy and grateful. You need to starting seeing yourself as having enough. Start by identifying the things in your life that are worthy of acknowledgment AKA count your blessings. Turn your frustrations around and let them guide your thoughts towards imagining how good it will feel when you get more money and wealth. Make a habit out of feeling good about what you have now, then sit back and watch your blessings increase. Live your life now as if you were already successful and wealth. Hold your head up high and be proud now. After all you will be wealthy one day why not start practicing now!

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It’s Great to be Poor! – What the Law of Attraction say about being poor.