Couples Massage Instruction is a great way to bring a feel-good hands-on perspective to your relationship. Take this class and enjoy a non-traditional date and activity that helps you and your other half learn more about each other. By learning from a professional massage therapist you apply techniques tailored specifically for your partner’s body. Massaging each other strengthens the bond you have between you and your mate, while also providing elements of a professional quality massage.

Massage therapy is one of a few intimate activities that encourages positive communication between people. Massage has great potential to improve, communication between a pair and helps to relieve stress and tension between and within a relationship. Keep in mind during the class we will NOT be addressing any sexually related topics (you and your mate can enjoy that extra perk of massage on your own time outside of the class).

Visit Muscle Managment Services at the Philadelphia based massage studio in the Camac Business Center

Length of Session:
3 hours
First Hour -Introduction to massage basics reviewing basic anatomy and and massage techniques.
Second and Third hours we spend an hour each teaching partners how to massage each other

Cost: $250 per couple

3 hour private session
massage cream for take home practice

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