How to select your massage

Step 1
Select your pressure
Deep Tissue– $20 Upgrades.
Trigger-Point Therapy $20 (avaliable only for sessions 1 hour or more)

Step 2
Select your upgrade
We believe that you deserve to get the most relaxation out of your massage which is why we include basic relaxation upgrades into your massage.

Basic Upgrade: Hot Stone or Cupping Therapy
*Choose 1*
*Included in services 1 hour or more on business site *

Premium Upgrades: Aromatherapy Scalp Massage or Foot/Hand Scrub
*Included in 2-hour session on business site*
*1 Basic Upgrade*
*1 Premium Upgrade*

Step 3
Taking the appropriate amount of time and place to work on your body is also something that is very important to us which is why we provide a variety of time options in which you can dedicate to receiving touch.

5 minute or 10 minute – Available for multi- service travel events 1 hour minimum.
30 minute – Available on business site only.
1 hour – Available on business site and travel.
1.5 hours – Available on business site and travel.
2 hours – Available on business site and travel.

Step 4
Decide which body parts need the most work.
Front of Legs – Quads and Tibialis Anterior (muscle along the shins)
Back of Legs – Hamstrings and Calves

Full body – Includes all the parts listed above

Add body parts that are not typically included.
‎Abdominal Massage
Gluteus Massage
Piriformis Syndrome Treatment aka Sciatica (requires 1-hour session)
Psoas Release (requires 1-hour session)

Additional Specialized Sessions
Three 30 Minute Massages $75
Three 30 minute massage sessions tailored specifically to your needs. Tight neck and shoulder muscles are tight from hours and years of tension and stress. If your muscles are tight enough to cause headaches more than one session is need to gain normal function. I recommend spacing sessions with one or two days between to recover. It takes Deep techniques mixed with relaxing hot stones to achieve the best results. Communication with your therapist is a must to have effective results.