How to select your massage

Step 1
Select your pressure
Deep Tissue– $20 Upgrades.
Trigger-Point Therapy $20 (avaliable only for sessions 1 hour or more)

Step 2
Select your upgrade
We believe that you deserve to get the most relaxation out of your massage which is why we include basic relaxation upgrades into your massage.

Basic Upgrade: Hot Stone or Cupping Therapy
*Choose 1*
*Included in services 1 hour or more on business site *

Premium Upgrades: Aromatherapy Scalp Massage or Foot/Hand Scrub
*Included in 2-hour session on business site*
*1 Basic Upgrade*
*1 Premium Upgrade*

Step 3
Taking the appropriate amount of time and place to work on your body is also something that is very important to us which is why we provide a variety of time options in which you can dedicate to receiving touch.

5 minute or 10 minute – Available for multi- service travel events 1 hour minimum.
30 minute – Available on business site only.
1 hour – Available on business site and travel.
1.5 hours – Available on business site and travel.
2 hours – Available on business site and travel.

Step 4
Decide which body parts need the most work.
Front of Legs – Quads and Tibialis Anterior (muscle along the shins)
Back of Legs – Hamstrings and Calves

Full body – Includes all the parts listed above

Add body parts that are not typically included.
‎Abdominal Massage
Gluteus Massage
Piriformis Syndrome Treatment aka Sciatica (requires 1-hour session)
Psoas Release (requires 1-hour session)