Muscle Management Services

is a therapeutic massage and bodywork practice located in downtown Philadelphia. Muscle Management Services focuses on muscular relief through firm and deep pressure techniques. We specialize in two hour massages and Couples Massage Instruction.

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Muscle Management Services offers:
-Massage at our Camac Center location in down town Philadelphia.
-Couples Massage Instruction, can be experienced in your space or ours.

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Muscle Management Services in Downtown Philadelphia

Muscle Management Services is a massage practice that was created to treat the bodies of hard working people and also people in high stress environments. Our clients include gym enthusiasts, medical professionals, hospitality professionals, union workers, doctors, lawyers and many more hard working bodies.

In today’s world people spend a large percentage of their time at work. For many this means sitting in front of a computer hunched over while stressed out, the rest of the work force are constantly moving and on their feet, lifting, greeting, building and taking care of others. Touch is a body work practice geared towards the the care for working bodies. We use firm muscular techniques to bring relief, relaxation and wellness to bodies who need more than the typical fluffy massage. Clients come to touch because they know what to expect, a massage catered to help you feel better. We will spend the time needed to get the kink out of your neck and back. We will point you in the right direction so you can strengthen your body.

We offer affordable massages and additional discounts throughout the week.
Our menu of services offer a variety of packages that cater to the specific needs of each client.







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