Massage Therapist Ayoola at Muscle Managment Services


Massage Therapist

Ayoola Toyer,

, The Hands Behind Muscle Management Services
BS, (Human Development & Family Studies)
Certified Massage Therapist (600+ Credit Hours)
Licensed Massage Therapist (Pennsylvania)

Ayoola’s Massage Philosophy

I believe that a good massage should effect the muscles, but it doesn’t have to be painful. I stress communication as the most important element in a massage. I also encourage my clients to set aside the amount of time for a relaxing efficient massage hence my specialty the 2 hour massage. When it comes to pain, I cannot feel what you are feeling so I encourage my clients to help create the best massage by telling me what feels good and what feels not so good. I do believe that deep tissue massage can cause a “sweet pain” akin to that wonderful sore feeling that’s felt after a good workout. There is a fine line in which that sweet pain becomes just pain and I don’t think pain is healthy for the mind, muscle or massage experience over all.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

Who massages you?
I am a big advocate in self care. I have golf balls available for my practice for my clients to help maintain relaxation between sessions. I practice what a preach when it comes to self care I have golf balls all over my home and I am constantly using them and my hands to keep things limber between my massage sessions.