When an hour massage just isn’t enough. Consider getting a 2 hour massage. For a lot of my clients who have muscular issues, a lot of tension/stress and are tall, the two hour massage sounds like a dream.

-If you have ever gotten a massage and you felt like the time just flew by or like the therapist could have spent a little more time on everything. The two hour massage is for you.

-If you feel like your neck shoulders and back need an hour by themselves, but you would still like a full body massage.

-If you are highly stressed or you feel like you have a lot of trouble relaxing. The Parasympathetic System is normally engaged during a two hour massage, where massage of less time may not be enough for you to truly let go. Massage helps your body to remember what it feels like to relax. The parasympathetic system is part of the nervous system that causes relaxation. It works opposite to the fight or flight system which helps your body prepare and react to stress by speeding up your heart rate, tensing muscles and pumping adrenaline into your blood stream. The parasympathetic system decreases your heart rate and puts the body in a tranquil state. It is also known as the rest and digest system. Many people get sleep during and very hungry after a massage, it is because the massage helps to engage the parasympathetic system.

Reasons to Get a 2 hour Massage

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