Road rage might be the way you cope and vent your stress. But it may actually help drive your stress levels higher. It has become common practice for aggressive gesturing and words to be shared among motorist. I admit I have my days of impatience with drivers who forget to use their signals, and I have really been working on my counting techniques when it comes to taxi-cab drivers, but most of the time I try not to get all wound up. I have realized that habitual road rage can have a strong negative hold on the rest of my day and my over all stress levels. Below are some tips for coping and increasing you Life Bliss levels.

– Check your stress levels before you drive.
You are more likely to be aggressive when you are already in a bad mood. If you find that you are a bit grumpy acknowledge the real reason for your mood and try not to redirect your feelings towards other drivers. Self-awareness is a big part of creating a sense bliss in your life. My mornings used to be so frustrating taking my daughter to school but now, I find my favorite radio station and she and I rock out (well most days at least).

– Count to 30 before honking your horn (unless you or someone else is in danger).
In most cases the issue is resolved in that short amount of time. Believe me this one really works. Driving in Philly can be one of the most stressful experiences with motorist double parking when an open parking spot is only a few feet away or stopping on a one way to have conversations with pedestrians with no regard to the 5 cars behind. The list can go on. I normally now just stop and immediately start counting and normally I don’t even get to 20.

-Exercise your sympathy muscles
Think of 10 reasons why this person could be driving like an idiot. I meant to say is driving in a challenged manner. But honestly we have all been that driver who is clearly having a challenging time. I am always that challenged driver when I am lost. When I am lost I always think to myself “clearly I am lost can’t they see that?”. The more we consider that others might be having some type of challenging time the easier it will be for us to just pause and allow the potentially frustrating moment to past.
Tell yourself…
1. They are lost.
2. Someone close to them is very sick or dying.
3. They just lost their job.
4. Their dog/cat/pet died.
5. Their boss is a major pain and they are late.
6. They were just diagnosed with a fatal disease.
7. They are from out of town and are not familiar with your town’s fast paced driving culture.
8. Their house is under foreclose.
9. Their spouse just left them.
10. They are really a moron but you won’t let it ruin your commute .

*If you apply any or all of these circumstances to each of the people that piss you off while you are
driving it will make you pause and hopefully help you work on your rage*

*If you find that none of the above work you may need to look in the mirror and seek professional help for your anger issues.*

These are just my opinion and are not are replacement for professional psychological guidance.

Ayoola Toyer

road rage

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