“SHUT UP” – The best ways to stop the chatter during your massage. What to do when your massage therapist won’t stop talking. Here are some polite ways to hint or clearly state that you are not interested in chatting during your massage.

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I am so so guilty of being a chatter box. I love interacting with people. But I also know my job requires me to be very quiet to allow my clients to enjoy full relaxation. Sometimes my clients also feel the need to talk and catch up. Combine two chatty people soft music and it’s the best environment for talking and getting to know each other. Some of my clients are really good at catching up and indicating when they are prepared to continue the session without talking. Here are some helpful tips on getting your therapist to stop talking without having to rudely say “shut up!” (even if that’s what you are thinking).

– Don’t Feel Obligated. Don’t feel like your lack of talking will make your therapist feel awkward. You should know that lack of chatter is part of the relaxation process. Silence allows your mind to relax. Your therapist should know this too and should not be forcing conversation. It’s your massage, so you don’t have to considering silence causing awkwardness.

– Not in a chatty mood? Clearly state in the beginning of the session that you would like to relax and are not in the talking mood. After you have checked in with your therapist and gone over your health and how your body feels. You can say something like this.

” Ayoola, today I am looking forward to a quite relaxing session. I probably won’t be talking a lot today.”

Even if you say this expect your massage therapist to still check in with you once in a while to make sure everything is ok. It’s part of the experience that the therapist makes sure they are not hurting you and that you are comfortable. But saying this gives a clear message about what kind of session you would like…a quiet one.

– You enjoy catching up! Like all the people on your wellness team, you have a connection with your massage therapist. But you know that once your massage therapist gets to massaging your hands you start slurring your words (I call this “massage high”) and feeling drowsy.

This is the best time to say:

“I am going to drift for a little the massage is starting to work”.
“I may fall asleep”
Say nothing at all.

These simple phrases will indicate that you are winding down and your therapist should get the hint.

-If talking and getting to know the person massaging you helps you to feel more comfortable …do it. Feel free to talk, if that’s what you feel like doing. I have built many solid relationships with my clients through our conversations during sessions. Building a level of rapor during massage sessions is very important for building trust as well communication. There are benefits to talking during your massage session. Just make sure that talking helping you to relax and not hindering the effectiveness of your massage. It’s ok for you to have a quite session once in a while. When that day comes don’t be afraid to speak up and let your massage therapist know.

-If you feel awkward by silence, you may have trouble relaxing in general. My best advice is to challenge yourself to take some deep breaths and focus on making sure your body is relaxed and limp. Stay in the moment and note the sensations that the massage is causing. Consider looking up some meditation videos on YouTube before your your session. A massage is the best time to break yourself into the practice of meditation.

Sometimes talking causes your body to tense up and not relax. I can sometimes feel the back muscles working on my clients while they are faced down and talking. I have to tell my clients that we have to take a break from talking if they want the massage to work. Try your best to keep your body relaxed while you interact with your therapist.

Telling your massage therapist to “Shut Up” may not be the best way to get he/she to stop talking, they are after all there to help you feel better. Using kind yet direct communication to tell your massage therapist that you don’t feel like talking is best. You have control of how much you’d like to talk. Your massage therapist should respect your wishes within reason. Enjoy your next massage with or with out chatter!

Ayoola Toyer

“Shut Up” Stop Chatter During Your Massage
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