Top 5 Home Spa Items

Its never been easier to create a home spa with this list of top 5 home spa items. With just the click of a button, and a week or two of dreaming of bliss, you can have all the basic items for your own personal spa! If you think life couldn’t get any better…having a spa in your home makes enjoying a massage the ultimate luxury. Enjoy the convenience of hiring a massage therapist to come to your home to perform services. Or even better you and a friend/partner/spouse can practice your massage skills on each other with no hassle and all the right tools at your finger tips.

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Earth Lite Massage Table
Your first massage spa item is a must! A comfy massage table that is built to last is the foundation of every massage space. Earth Lite is a trusted brand that has mastered quality and affordability in a massage table. This table even folds the half to store under a bed or closet for a pop-up spa space.

Massage Table Sheets
Perfect fitting massage sheets keep you warm and cozy while you drift-off and enjoy your massage. Sheets also serve as a protective barrier that will keep oils off of the massage surface prolonging the life of your table.

Sacred Earth Massage Cream
A good quality massage cream makes all the difference on how you feel during and after your massage. Sacred Earth makes its massage cream vegan, nut free and with the least amout of chemicals out there. The massager and the massage receiver feel lightly moisturized and it’s easy to wash off hands and the body.

Sleep Ambient Music
Some of us like silence but a little soft music can help quiet the mind and set the mood. Relaxing music is also a great tool for setting the pace for someone new to massage, it helps remind the massager to go slow.

Aromatherapy Diffuser
Aromatherapy is well worth the splurge! Enjoy healing aromas that seal the deal in creating the ultimate relaxing environment.

After you have gotten all your massage spa items and set up your space, add picture and items that remind you of your favorite relaxing place. Then enjoy your massage. Send me a picture of your space, I would love to see what you have created . Happy massaging!

Ayoola Toyer, LMT

Top 5 Home Spa Items
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